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Testimony of Cancerous Cysts

S. Escorcia, Colombia

Good evening Pastor, may God bless you. I’m sending you this audio to briefly tell you what the Lord has done to me. Do you remember in the Last Supper, you gave a word on healing? You said that you had felt a hot feeling on your shoulders and neck. Well, for a year and a half I have been with a pain in my neck. The doctors told me that it was the thyroid gland, and that in the first test, the result came back as level 4 cancer. Afterwards, a couple of months later, they sent me to do another test, and the result came back negative showing that I had 
nothing on my thyroid gland. However, I asked God to reveal to me what it was I had on my neck, as the pain was still there. So then, they gave me another scan and the result showed that I had a lymph node at level 2 malign cancer.  However, the biopsy came back as a benign tumor. All the glory is for God, today the result came back and it is benign. There is nothing malignant in my neck. I felt anxious and sometimes afraid, but I remembered when you mentioned that warm feeling on your neck, and I told myself: “Heavenly Father, you through Pastor Paola, have healed me.” And I believe it! I’m really ecstatic! The Last Supper was truly, truly special for me, because when you were talking about the bread, I said to myself: “when I eat this bread, Lord, I will be healed.” And I told my daughter Yulitsa, I felt something different in me when I was participating during the Last Supper. It’s something I can’t explain; it was the power of God and the Holy Spirit in that moment! Even my feet went warm! I give all the glory and honour to God! I give thanks to you Pastor for the powerful sermon, it was truly powerful. May God bless you!

Healed from Five Painful Cysts

R. Nieto, New York

In the last transmission that I connected with you all, about 3 weeks ago, I asked for prayer over my wife Lilly because she had 5 big cysts. Which have affected her a lot to walk due to pain, but a few days ago, they called my wife to give her the results and they told her that the cysts were very small and the percentage of them being cancerous was 5%. Hence, the doctors told us it was nothing to be alarmed about because the cysts didn’t turn out to be cancerous!

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Healing from Covid-19

Rolando Antonio, USA

Last Saturday during the Facebook Live broadcast, as you were preaching the Lord Jesus healed me from Covid-19.  I no longer experienced any symptoms since that night. Glory be to Jesus!!!

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Stomach Inflammation

F. Correa, Colombia

Pastor, here is my testimony of my health. I felt something in me and every time I would cough I felt something and it came out. I want to give you thanks for your dedication to preaching the healing word of God, glory to the most High! I have been feeling great and my stomach doesn't have any discomfort, it’s been feeling amazing. The symptoms I had, were inflammation in my stomach, which is no longer there, glory to God!

Jesus Gave Me Peace Again

J. Martin, Costa Rica

I am grateful to the Ministry of Pastor Paola Ipanaque because through it I had the opportunity to return to the feet of Jesus Christ. I was living a messy life, full of anguish and fears, which were affecting my home as well. Satan had stolen the peace that Christ had once built in my life, awakening the desires of the flesh, and damaging my life and that of my beloved family. But the grace of God is great. One night I was watching Pastor Paola minister a powerful word that touched

my life. I felt that that word was for me. I felt the glory and the presence of God running through my being and taking everything bad out of my life, setting me free again. The next day, as I passed a temple, the pastor and the congregation prayed for me and I decided to rededicate my life to God. Glory to God! Pastor Paola Ipanaque's Ministry was and is a channel of blessing for my life. My testimony to the glory of God.

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