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About Paola Ipanaque



Born in Guayaquil, Ecuador and raised in Toronto, Canada, Paola grew up in the New Jerusalem Pentecostal Church, Toronto, where she gave her life to Jesus at the age of six. She was called to pulpit preaching when she was 11 years old. During her childhood, the first healing account occurred when she was 13 years old; her grandmother, who was suffering from a stroke, got prayed over by Paola and her mother, before calling the ambulance, and she was immediately healed. In one occasion at Christie Pits Park she prayed for a homeless man whom the Lord had revealed to her through word of knowledge that God was going to heal his lungs. Later the man came back and reported that God had healed him from tuberculosis, which he had battled for several years.



At the age of 17 she was commissioned by her home church and was sent out to preach internationally, where in Duran, Ecuador the first healing account outside of Canada took place. An elderly blind man entered the church service with the help of two young men. During the altar call the man asked to be lead to the altar because God told him he was going to be healed that night. God kept good to His word and healed the 70 year old man, as he was able to describe Paola’s physical appearance before the congregation for the very first time. It was one night she would never forget.


In 2001, she was invited to preach at a youth conference in Managua, Nicaragua by Apostle Alejandro Moreira, from Miami Florida. In this evangelistic trip, deliverance and healing took place. One prominent healing occurred at “La Fuente Church” after Paola made an altar call for God to open wombs to conceive. That day God opened the womb of a young woman who was unable to conceive according to medical reports. In 2003 Paola went back to Nicaragua to preach at a National Youth Conference, where she met the new born miracle baby. In 2017 she was able to see the miracle child again, now as a young man.



Currently, Paola is member of the Faithful Remnant Spanish Church, under the pastoral care of Rev. Abel & Mayra Casillas and holds a ministerial license with the Assemblies of God Canada, West District Council. She is also a business professional with a major in business commerce, with a minor in business systems and part of the CPA body. 


She continues to bring the gospel of Jesus to different parts of the world to prepare the Bride of Christ for the coming world wide revival and coming of our Lord. Always emphasizing in her sermons; the kingdom of God and how to be restored in body, soul and spirit. She believes that revivals is just the beginning of a very much needed transformation in the body of Christ.  Revivals are birthed when the heart of children return to the Father and the heart of the Father to the children.  


Her ministry has gone to North, Central and South America, speaking in women and youth conferences, evangelistic & revival camp meetings, as well as healing services, where cancers, arthritis, blindness and many other illness were reported to have been healed. Her ministry has been the catalyst of several revivals in Nicaragua and Costa Rica, where prophetic words were given to ministries, which have been fulfilled for what are now large ministries in Central America.

Her ministry has also expanded to social media, where countless healings took place, from cancers being removed to spinal cords being restored back into place.  There are also recorded accounts of her live intercessory meetings, where the sound of rain and wind was recorded, as a sign of God's miracle working power.

"If you want to see Jesus in your nation, then you need to walk through the process of holy transformation. Do you want to see Jesus? Then answer to the highest calling, which is to be like Jesus who walked in love and holiness, for without holiness no one will see God and without love the world will not know God."  Paola Ipanaque

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